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Terms and Conditions

By booking and/or travelling with us, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Communicable Disease Precautions and Requirements:
In order to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and customers, Kootenay Charters Ltd. has developed a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan that has been implemented to the extent feasible and appropriate throughout Kootenay Charters' premises and vehicles. All vehicles are cleaned and sanitized prior to and following every charter. All passengers are responsible for completing their own health checks and following cleanliness protocols (washing hands regularly, using hand sanitizer, staying home if ill). They are welcome to wear masks if they choose. 
**Please note that as provincial he
alth orders/protocols change so will our contract and customer requirements. We will keep you updated. 

Equipment and Licensing:
All Kootenay Charters vehicles are maintained on a regular and as-required basis to ensure passenger comfort and safety. All are inspected as per National Safety Code regulations every 6 months. 
Kootenay Charters will not be held liable for any additional costs that may be incurred by the chartering party such as meals, rooms, or penalties because of delays due to mechanical failure, weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Driving Regulations:
Kootenay Charters is committed to the safety of all passengers and therefore our drivers are expected to comply at all times with the Federal hours of service regulations. Delays, unplanned stops, detours, etc., not on the original itinerary could place the driver in a non-compliance situation that is punishable by severe fines and out-of-service orders. The driver reserves the right to refuse to drive on unimproved roads if there is danger to the safety of the passengers or damage to the vehicle. Minors on board the bus must be supervised at all times by an adult(s) from the group. The drivers will not act as supervisors. 

Passenger Conduct:
All passengers are to treat the bus driver and all other passengers with courtesy and respect. Any personal items must be stored on your person or in the overhead bin (if available}. All items must be clear of the aisle. Laptops, iPads or tablets, and other electronic devices may be carried onboard, provided that headphones or earphones are used so as not to disturb fellow passengers. 
Kootenay Charters and its drivers have the right to refuse entry to any passenger or to remove any passenger who is/does: 

a.    engaging in harassing, discriminatory, violent, hateful, offensive, obscene and/or otherwise harmful behavior, including without limitation, any physical acts of violence and/or verbal threats;
b.    smoking, drinking or taking drugs on the bus;
c.    not have a valid ticket/pass;
d.    are intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
e.    are carrying on their person any illegal, restricted, or harmful substances or goods, including without limitation, narcotics, firearms and other weapons;
f.    or for any other reason that the driver deems to be reasonably necessary in order to protect him/herself and the remaining passengers


Food & Beverages:
Suggested foods to consume on board are sandwiches, muffins, pizza, subs, and closeable drink containers. Coffee and hot beverages must be in thermoses/travel mugs. There is no cooking on the bus (crackpots, slow cookers, etc.). Any and all garbage must be disposed of appropriately. Prohibited food items include sunflower seeds, chewing tobacco, and chewing gum. Cleaning in excess of normal (due to food spillage} will incur additional charges.

Alcohol. Smoking, Illegal Drugs, Chewing Tobacco:
Alcohol is not permitted on board as per British Columbia Legislation. Any and all alcohol is to be stored with the luggage. Smoking of any type, including but not limited to tobacco, marijuana, or vaping, is prohibited on the bus. Any smoking must be done outside and at a minimum of 10 feet from the vehicle, as per British Columbia Regulations. Chewing Tobacco cannot be consumed/used on the coach. All passengers must comply with provincial and federal laws regarding illegal drugs.

Kootenay Charters does not assume any responsibility for any personal property. 
Baggage and all personal property will be handled only at the passenger's risk and only in the amount that can conveniently be carried in the bus. All baggage transported must be in a container that can withstand handling and piling that occurs during transportation. This is to protect its contents and to make sure that it will not damage other property. It must be securely closed/locked, strapped or tied, and must have a handle. 
All baggage must be properly identified with the name and address to which the bag may be sent in the event of a loss. The owner's complete name, address, and phone number should be included. Anything left on the bus overnight is at the owner's risk. 
For passengers referred by Air Canada / Jazz, any unclaimed baggage will be returned to Jazz personnel at the Castlegar Airport.

Lost & Found:
Any items found on the bus after the trip returns to our office will be held for 2 weeks. The booking party will be contacted. The passenger is responsible for pick-up of the item(s) or the arrangements for shipping, at the passenger's expense. 
For passengers referred by Air Canada / Jazz, items will be returned to Jazz personnel at the Castlegar Airport. 

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