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Winter 2023/2024 Service: Nelson to Spokane, Washington

Kootenay Charters is excited to announce our winter shuttle serving Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, and Rossland to Spokane, Washington, and return!

Whether you are travelling to the region for a winter vacation or escaping the area to a warmer climate for your winter holiday, we will be your safe ride to Spokane International Airport and back. 


More Information

Dates And Holidays

Service begins December 15th and runs through March 18th, 2024 with shuttles available Wednesday through Monday.


There will be no shuttles running on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. There is also no service on Tuesdays except for December 26th and January 2nd as these shuttles are running in place of the Christmas Day and New Year’s Day shuttles. We do also offer private charters for those interested in a more personalized experience. Please contact our office directly to receive a quote.

The Bus and Luggage

We will be servicing the route with a 27-passenger mini-coach that has 1 + 2 seating, reclining seats, and plenty of room to stretch your legs.


Baggage allowance is the same as a regular airline flight. If you are paying for extra luggage or adding baggage that wasn’t on the plane with you, please reach out to us by e-mail so we can ensure there is enough room on the bus. 

Heard Enough? Ready to book?

Booking is Now Available! Click the button below to save your seat

The Schedule, Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

Service will operate from mid-December to mid-March, 6 days per week. 

The shuttle begins its route in Nelson BC, bright and early with three choices of pick-up locations: The Prestige Lakeside Resort, The Hume Hotel and The Best Western Hotel. We will only stop at a pick-up location if a ticket has been purchased 24 hours before the departure time for that location. 


In Castlegar, we will pick up at the A&W restaurant, same as in Trail. Please note that cars left in either of the A&W parking lots will be towed away at the owner’s expense. 


Up the hill to Rossland next with a pick-up at The Prestige Mountain resort and lastly to Red Mountain.


Planned pick-up times are listed when you purchase your tickets. In the event we only have passengers at one or two pick-up stops, our remaining pick-up times will likely be earlier. Rest assured, you will receive an email to notify you of this change if it occurs on your trip.


The targeted arrival time at the Spokane airport is 11:30 AM however this will be subject to road conditions, road closures and any other events beyond our control. The return trip from Spokane will begin loading at 2:15 PM with a scheduled departure time of 2:30. Drop-off locations are in the reverse order of the pick-up locations. 


Please keep in mind that we will only be stopping at the locations which passengers have designated when they purchased their tickets. If no tickets are sold 24 hours (6:00 AM the previous day) before the first pick-up time, the shuttle won’t run that day.

Please also note that when purchasing a ticket, you must supply your passport number for the pre-clearance manifest that is sent to the border the day before your travel.

Travelling to Another Country

Yes, as friendly as the relationship is between Canada and the USA some people are not welcome in the other Country. 

When travelling with us, all travellers are responsible for the status of their legal eligibility to cross the Canada/USA border. You are responsible for carrying the required documentation with you on the bus (Passport/Visa, whatever is required). Some common restrictions may include having a criminal record or previously being denied entry into either country for example. Please note that drunk driving is a criminal offence in Canada. If you have a DUI in your home country, you will not be eligible to enter Canada.

If you are unsure about other potential restrictions or have any concerns regarding border crossing, please visit:

Please be aware of the following:

  • Illegal drugs and cannabis products are prohibited in our vehicles and when crossing the border. 

  • Firearms and all other weapons are prohibited in our vehicles and at the border crossing. 

  • If you are travelling with prescription drugs, they must be in the original container that matches the identity of the traveller carrying them. 

  • All other vitamins and over-the-counter medications must be carried in the original containers with labels intact. 

  • Alcohol and Tobacco may only be carried in your luggage and must be declared when crossing the border. Duties may apply. 


If you are denied entry into either Country, Kootenay Charters is required to return you to the nearest populated area. North-bound will be Northport, Washington, and south-bound will be Rossland, BC. You will automatically forfeit all travel fares paid to Kootenay Charters for both legs of your trip. You will be responsible for finding and paying for local accommodation as well as arranging return travel to your originating location. Kootenay Charters is not responsible or liable for your ineligibility at the border.

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